Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Newsletter Week 1 - Community Helpers (Dentist)

Newsletter for September
                  Week of Sept. 6th-9th
Monthly Thematic Unit – Community Helpers
                  Color of the Month - Red

Song of the Week:
"My Teeth"

My teeth, I care for them
I brush them every day
After I eat and before I sleep
I brush them properly!

Book of the Week: Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayer

Activities of the Day for Monday: Closed in observance of Labor Day

Special Enrichment for Monday: Closed in observance of Labor Day

Activities of the Day for Tuesday: We began our day by playing with Hotwheels and building with wooden blocks. Then we enjoyed IRT. After that was finished, we read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. We later played with our electronic learning toys, musical instruments, and built with our bumpy blocks and busy beads. Then we played with our shape sorters, We listened to tooth brushing themed music. We read monthly theme related books and built silly faces with our Mr. Potato Heads.

Special Enrichment for Tuesday:It was to rainy for our Nature Walk and Picnic after the storms we had this past weekend. So instead of going outside, we stayed in and played our Dora's Lost City computer game! Lots of matching the numbers activities.

We also discussed the proper way to brush our teeth while we painted a yellow tooth cut out white.

Activities of the Day for Wednesday: We started our day off by building with our mini waffle blocks and playing with our dinosaurs. Then we had IRT where we practiced putting our books away on the bookshelf when we were finished reading them. Then we built with our Wee Waffle Block Village set and took turns playing with our Little People playsets, too. We read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. Then we built with the bristly blocks.

Special Enrichment for Wednesday:We played Winnie the Pooh's Preschool computer game. We matched pictures with Owl, made alphabet soup with Kanga and painted with Piglet by matching numbers and shapes.
We also did a "Plaque Attack" activity with the children to demonstrate how plaque builds up in our mouth. We used baking soda to represent the white enamel of our teeth. We used vinegar to represent the acid that built up in our mouth from constant snacking. Well, if you don't know yet what happened - here's the scoop - when you mix vinegar and baking soda a chemical reaction happens where they make a huge amount of foam - thereby representing the plaque that attacks our teeth! The kids were in awe!

Activities of the Day for Thursday: We welcomed two new friends today! Welcome Tristan and Kyleigh! We began our day by building our fine motor skills with our chain links and also with playing with our dollhouse (which everyone LOVES!). Then we went to IRT and then we enjoyed some time looking through our monthly theme related books. We then played our musical instruments, played with our shape sorters, played in our kitchen center and played with our Little People. We read the BOTW and sang the SOTW. Then we built with our bristle blocks (another current favorite) and then we had a Red Hunt where we practiced our observational skills about the color of the month and looked around the playroom and tried to find everything that was red!

Special Enrichment for Thursday: We went to Story Time at the library! We had soooooooooooo much fun listening to stories about the Beach and Ocean, we bopped until we dropped, did fingerplays, sang songs and did an art project. So much fun.

Activities of the Day for Friday: We began our day by building with Christmas trees out of Legos and creating our PopOnz Stack and Build City set. We had IRT. Then we built with our chain links and played with our Hotwheels. We sang the SOTW and read the BOTW. We also listened to music about tooth brushing.

Special Enrichment for Friday: We played our "Journey to Tooth Kingdom" Game. Josh won! It was lots of fun to play.
We also watched a movie called Return to Tooth Kingdom.

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