Sunday, September 18, 2011

August Newsletter Week 4 Sorry that this newsletter is so late! With court and everything, life got crazy! :)

August Newsletter
Week of August 22nd-26th
Monthly Thematic Unit – Under the Sea
Color of the Month – BLUE

  Song of the Week (S.O.T.W.):
"5 Little Fishies"

Five little fishies swimming at the shore, one was caught and then there were four!
Four little fishies swimming by me, one was caught and then there were three!
Three little fishies swimming by you, one was caught and then there were two!
Two little fishies swimming for fun, one was caught and then there was one! One little fishy swimming all alone, I caught him and took him home!

 Book of the Week (B.O.T.W.):  Blue Sea by Robert Kalan

Activities of the Day for Monday: We started off our day playing with our train set and building with our bumpy blocks. We then enjoyed having IRT (Independent Reading Time). After that, we moved on to doing stations and taking turns building our PopOnz Build and Stack City and creating silly faces with our Mr. Potato Heads. We introduced the BOTW and the SOTW. We had tons of fun playing make believe in the kitchen set. Georgia Power finally came to replace the broken streetlamp cover at the base of our driveway and the kids were FASCINATED with watching!

Special Enrichment for Monday: We went on a nature walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed watching birds chase one another! They were being very silly!
We also created a "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" art project. We practiced counting to two and identifying the colors blue and red correctly. We also talked about the parts of the fish (scales, fins, eye, etc.)

Activities of the Day for Tuesday: Today we began with playing with our bin of toy animals and building with our Duplo blocks. Then we worked on remaining seated with our book during IRT. After IRT was over, we enjoyed our BOTW and SOTW. Then we worked on puzzles for awhile. We listened to and tried to sing a long with our "Toddler Tunes" CD. We watched a short movie called LeapFrog's The Letter Factory. We enjoyed playing in the kitchen and pretending to feed the baby dolls. Then we built for awhile with our bristle blocks and played with our shape sorter school bus. We ended our day by building and then playing with our Wee Waffle Block Village.

Special Enrichment for Tuesday:  Today we had lots of fun playing our Freddi Fish computer game!

Activities of the Day for Wednesday: We started off our day by playing with our dinosaurs and building with our wooden blocks. THen during IRT, we worked on turning the pages of the book properly. After that, we did stations and built with our chain links and our bristle blocks. Then we read our BOTW and sang our SOTW. We used our computer to watch Rainbow Fish & The Amazing Lagoon Interactive Book. Then we listened to our KidSongs music.

Special Enrichment for Wednesday: We painted our hands to make Handprint Octopus Art! So much fun!
We also playing with the fish themed stacking cups in the water table!

Activities of the Day for Thursday:  We began our day by playing with our magnetic fishing game and building with our Lincoln Logs. We enjoyed some IRT. Then we played our JumpStart Preschool computer game. After, we played in our kitchen, then played with our shape sorters. We sang our SOTW and read our BOTW. We listened to our "Silly Songs" CD. Then we built with our Duplo blocks.

Special Enrichment for Thursday: We colored and then made Ocean Animal Paper Puppets!
For Baking Day, we baked cranberry scones! Mmmmmm.....

Activities of the Day for Friday: Closed due to court

Special Enrichment for Friday: Closed due to court

We want to thank all of our wonderful families for being so understanding during this time of court!