Saturday, August 30, 2014

3 Day Potty Training Review

Three day potty training is the strategy used to help your child use the bathroom effectively in just three short days. Many people have voiced skepticism over these types of guides, but they are completely useful and plausible, even if the short deadline is not met. They will teach you how to effectively communicate with your children and teach them about their body to better understand when and where to use the bathroom. This strategy may need to be applied over weeks, but many people have stated that they have accomplished this dreaded task in just three days or less, and the majority of followers are likely to face the same success.

The exact details are discussed in various books and guides, but they all contain certain principles to help readers teach their children how to use the toilet appropriately. The following topics are likely subjects that are extensively covered for the best success of the three day potty training method.
- Scheduling of the daily bathroom usage
- Preparing for nighttime use
- Communicating with the child
- Maintaining for the future
- Setting up for success
These are the building blocks that will assist in helping you learn how to help your children and prevent unfortunate accidents.

Available Guides on Three Day Potty Training

One of the available eBooks on the topic is "3 Day Potty Training" by Lora Jensen. The book is positioned at a strong second place in the Amazon toilet training eBooks section based on good reviews and purchases. The author covers most of the necessary topics discussed above, and they are rewarded for that with mostly positive reviews. Children that are more accepting of using the toilet will likely catch on using the information within. Unfortunately, this guide does not act as an extensive authority on three day potty training. While most of the subjects are mentioned, the length is only 44 pages; therefore, it is clear that not enough research and development was invested into making the best quality possible. Considering the price tag of almost $8, which is significantly more expensive than most other eBooks, there is also an obvious lack of cost effectiveness. Simply stated, the material mentioned is drastically oversimplified and took under half an hour to read with tips that can be found with a simple Internet search. The material comes to an abrupt stop after three days with little suggestions if the method does not work, and it does not appropriately address potential challenges.

The arguable authority on three day potty training is the "Start Potty Training Program" by Carol Cline. This more than helpful guide addresses everything that the previously mentioned eBook fails to cover and more. Some of the major topics include specific tricks for potentially problematic children, such as special needs, older kids, and twins, and covering the differences between helping boys and girls. Another fantastic feature is the multiple available formats, including video, audio, and text, to utilize the best and easiest learning method for you! Additionally, the important topics listed above extensively covered throughout this guide. Finally, personal help from the creator herself, Carol Cline, is available free of charge for any paying customer; that level of support cannot be found within an eBook. The amount of quality information contained within this amazing guide is the conglomeration of years of experience and professional opinion that cannot be found anywhere else.

Every parent is aware of the fact that teaching children how to use the bathroom is often a struggle that can last weeks or even months with future accidents still sporadically occurring. However, with "3 Day Potty Training" or the more extensive and cost effective "Start Potty Training Program" by Carol Cline, you will find the help you need to fix this potentially long term problem in just three short days. Learn the important subjects, such as communication, prevention, preparation, scheduling, and maintaining, to get started on the right track with your kids.